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Hi and thank you for your time in advance.

My first suggestion in this game and hopefully many others will relate to this and aprove...


     First of all, after playing this game for quite a while and amasing a fair amount of different mods i got to the extent of having over 2000 mods in my inventory just laying about taking up a lot of useles space.

Now, its always a good thing to have a lot of mods right? But what when i need to customize my warframe or weapon for a specific enemy type or a specific mission type? This is where some of you see where im going with this allready.


     When i want to switch out some mods on my warframe for example i always get greeted with 50+ pages of modes and thats where it gets really annoying when im searching for that one or 2 modes that i want to equip but its a pain to find it trough all those pages because all of my both lvled and empty mods are listed on that little screen...


    Now what my sugesstion would be is that that equip menu for modes changes in the way that it shows the mods in a more orderly fashion [only one of each type + each of its different ranks (Antitoxin unranked, rank 1,2,3,4,5)if you have em] and not ALL off the mods that you have collected including 4,5 pages of Iron Skin for example witch only clog up that menu and all in all just waste your time when searching for specific mods. And leaving your team/clan mates on wait till you find em.


   Well i hope to get some good feedback from ya guys and hopefully something like that implemented into the game soon.

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