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Spy Missions And 2Nd Objective Solo


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Just did an Alert Today, the one for M Prime on Mercury, Solo.


Spy Mission.


After picking up all 4 Datamasses, it then gave me a Deception as a 2nd Objective.


Of course for some weird reason it would not allow me to pick up both the Spy and the Deception Datamasses, and I didn't know this ahead of time. It was impossible to tell which datamass was which, which resulted in me having to lug them both, room-by-room, to the navigation console so that I didn't have to make the trip 2-3 times if I happened to have grabbed the wrong one.


If you're Solo, Spy Missions should never give Deception as a 2nd Objective. Or perhaps make it so that Deception never follows Spy anyways. *shrugs*

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