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Coming Soon: Devstream #99!

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@[DE]Rebecca In one of your previous streams, you mentioned a long list of ideas for new warframes. Is one of those perhaps a Saumrai themed frame, with maybe a two handed nikana or dual version? I have been wishing for something like that ever since I started playing, and I believe it would fit the universe.

Cheers and thanks for this awesome game.


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Сould you please add more functionality to Clan/Alliance system?

1) Extended Alliance chat moderation.

We try to arrange and follow certain rules in alliance chat. So while usual player can be monitored by aliiance moderators, warleaders are uncontrolled. And there's no instrument to influence them. So my suggestion is to give the clan-creator of the alliance extended moderation authority, so that other clans warleaders could be banned by clan-creator officers who would be easily monitored by clan-creator leader/alliance leader.

2) Additional statistics.

- to show days how long the player is the member of your clan (mb also history of his clan migration)

- number of players in other clans of your alliance (and total number for alliance)

- being able to scroll the leaderboard tables (at least among your clan).

3) Dojo researches, decorations, ect.

- viewing the research in the laboratory would show the list of all members who donated resources into it and the exact amount of their donations. (the recent "view contribution" function is not affective at all because it doesn't say where resources were donated)

- viewing the dojo decoration also would show the list of all members who donated resources into it and the exact amount of their donations.

- being able to make resource donations directly to the clan vault.

- new permission in clan hierarchy that gives permission to copy blueprints from dojo labs.

- player with "architect" permission can block dojo decorations from donating resources in it. (sometimes not finished decorations better fit in the general decoration concept but often other players dont get it)

- bieng able to write notifications on dojo banners.

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How about: 

  • new Clan management system;
  • fields for "Clan description"(Clan Rules), except for the already available "motd"
  • more flexible and variable "Hierarchy and Roles" system;
  • stricter access to the Dojo and Labs (to avoid players who join the clan, buy BP's and leave).
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@[DE]Rebecca are you taking questions? if so:

  • With snipers becoming a thing for PoE, will you ever consider reviving the Snipetron as an MK1 weapon type weapon purchasable for credits for newer players?
  • For similar reasons to the first question: any notes on Primed Chamber?
  • Again for similar reasons to the first question, will the Lanka ever get PBR?
  • On a different tangent, everyone knows the Skana and Lato Primes will (for obvious and good reasons) never return, what is your stand on Aklato and Dual Skana Primes?
  • For PoE there are a lot of new items such as set mods, modular melees, arcanes, operator armours, operator weapons, etc. Is this a fixed list or will there be expansions in the future?
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3* quick questions:

What happened to the Arcata melee weapon, and the Tenno Pump action shotgun?

After PoE releases, will Steve start doing Sunday streams again?

Volt Cloth physics when? D:

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2 minutes ago, Eclipse_Koray said:

I know it's all about the plains, but what happened to the alternate Equinox helmet you guys showed off in March?

i said that in page 2-3 or 4 showed them the picture, im hoping there is answer but im gonna guess i might be disappointed if it scrapped...

edited: its on page 2 

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