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Daily Revive Unexcpeted Recharge


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I got this problem 2nd time. Things is happened like this


I already used all my revive when solo mission .

And later i play the orokin void mission with my friend.

In an accident ambush i ran into several enemies and died...it show i got 「4」revive..

like the previous one , i take this revive as a charge reset and used it .

After mission done , i open the arsenal for fusion & checking. Revives : 0/4.

Suddenly I know it's a bug.That' it .

(and sorry for my poor English, i tried my best :o...)

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Sounds like a blessing, not a curse. I've had it happen before. Also, if you are burning through all 4 revives in a single solo mission, I recommend slowing down. Be leveling your gear a bit before that.


well, i'm RK4 now, leveling my 3rd warframe "Ember".

but sometimes you have to face "Commander" in some stage...i find myself hard to deal with him since i was use Excalibur...

switch place OP :(  (another problem is i usually solo ? ha)



if you played at around 14 hours before this post and it happened at the 15 hour mark that is about right.  They reset at 12am GMT / 1am BST/CET.

thx for the right reset time :)   (memo



but uh ...maybe i did not describe it clearly


3pm : oops, i used all my daily revive
7pm : friend invite > dead > 4/4 revive? > use (only use once)
finish mission : 0/0 revive

hope it would be clear :o

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