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[Temporary Workaround Found] Unable to login in-game

Message added by [DE]Danielle

Hey Tenno! 

We're aware of login issues and are working to get them resolved ASAP. Thank you for your patience

Mass login issues have been resolved! We are aware, however, that some of you are still experiencing some issues. We are still working out a solution, and will update this thread once we have nailed down a fix! Thank you for your patience. 

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As of 22.10.1, it seems to be fixed for me.

I haven't seen anything about it in the patchnotes. No mod to update this thread either. Was this fix even intended, or just some lucky by product of the code audit?

Anyway, the most important is that it works - for now at least - and It only took three months and a half.

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Updating, going to check if it's really fixed, but I'm not sure I will go back. That took waaaay too long, no one bothered to communicate, and at this point I have other games to play. Thanks for (possibly) fixing your own game, I guess?

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Unsure if this is the same bug I'm experiencing given none of the solutions in this thread assist me, but the symptoms are the same. Honestly I somewhat suspect it's not on my side at all though at this point.

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