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Changes For Research List Display


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Currently, the research menu shows a list display of all available researches. My idea of a change is to make it a tree diagram.


I know many would wonder why I would want it to be that way but my answer is actually simple. It allows for further expansion of the tree without the constrains of identifying which was learned and which wasn't. Additionally, it would also allow for sub-section (weapons classified under respective factions but are of differing base templates) expansion to occur.


The root/base of the tree diagram would always be the core component of the product (take Detonite Injector). If at any time DE decides that there is a new weapon (Grenade Launcher) that can fit using DI as a base requirement, a new branch is drawn from the root/base. Furthermore, new roots/bases can be created seamlessly without much hassle as it would just create a new tree diagram besides the already existing one.


As for navigation, usage of the star chart navigation system would be fine for the main body while clicking on the name of the research would pop open a new box to detail it's research requirements, contribution slider and research time required before completion.



Note that this idea is only meant if DE intends to expand past the forced design of weaponry-only research onto the factions. In fact, Detonite Injector into Sentinel development research becomes possible as it would allow us to create faction-specific Sentinels (both in look and functionality). Or even frames based upon a specific faction.

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