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"Network not responding" [RESOLVED]

Message added by [DE]Danielle

Hey Tenno! We're aware of the "network not responding" issues currently. We will update you once we have this resolved. Sorry for the inconvenience, we hope to get you back out in the Plains as soon as possible! 

Thank you for your patience.


We're seeing you guys are starting to be able to log back in again. We're monitoring progress! 
Login issues have been resolved! Thanks guys!

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3 minutes ago, Zeladan said:

Do we know if the "network not responding" issue is rooted is really the same as the "Login Failed" issue, since the latter was happening for at least an hour before the server crash?

I'm curious about this as well.

The people who had the network error seem to be getting back into game, but I still get the Login failed/check info error.

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1 minute ago, JeskeCouriano said:

Really? Because it dropped for me ~16:00PDT/~19:00EDT.

I think it's far more likely that it's because everyone is home now that we can't log in, not that they waited to release it until everyone got home.

Well I checked at around 4cst just before i leave at 4:30 and it wasn't released yet until i got home after 5

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I started up warframe after i saw the update was live and well after downloading a while (those last minute struggles :P) i got in
i went to cetus and out of the 60 servers i chose an server which said it was empty
upon entering it was full apparently but that is a different story

first i decided to talk to the animal handler and i got an updating stock - network not responding
then i went and try'd it with all the other venders 
hok worked
fisherman worked
miner worked
others not so much

i thougt wait with the new focus rework i will go back to the ship and work on that for a little bit

returning to my ship the game crashed

and now everytime i enter my email and password to start te game again it goes ''network not responding'' to ''login failed check your info'' again and again

i think the servers are overloaded but please help


((Ps... i love all of what i saw in that short duration apart from this network problem so please keep up the good work and thank you for the amazing time you have given me))

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1 hour ago, Alaestor said:

As a long time vet I'm glad to see DE remembering its roots and breaking everything horribly with every large update.

That's what Im ALWAYS sayin! F2P-Devs just dont have the know-how for such a huge project, giant changes in the routine-gameplay and for such a big deal of addin a new weapon-system, where you'Re able to create ur own for example... every "big update" destroys a f2p-game...

Im seein it always and F2P-Devs always proofs it... do you know any example where a game became miles better, sexically smoother, way less bugs and alot of cool changes, who're also helpful for ppl, who dont join the mainstream like "gettin done this new sh!t as fast as possible - even if I dont like it to look like a pro or something".

sorry for ragin up at this post but the solution is clear... Delete every PoE-Stuff, backup the servers and think about a better way to refresh a game instead of changing the basic-gameplay-concept. I wont play PoE... Did it once and the open world is ugly af. sorry about my opinion if it sounds kind of mad or frustrated but Im really am! Feels like a kick in ur &#!... Makin big marketing, advertisments and talkin way too much about all the cool things while the real game gets nerfted, bugged and destroyed... 

they can work aslongas they wish on all that bugs but there'll come alot of more bugs the next severaö weeks and sorry but I dont wanna get mad at playin my favorite game so I wont follow/play/enjoy PoE - NEVER. I just saw too much examples and proofs and Im totallly done with "large updates" in F2P-Games... For ever and ever. :)

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I will have a lot of patience and I will wait for them to solve the problems, I also lack that when people enter have more information on how to go to the place and use the wings, are the most common questions, I also wish there were small villages where the warframe can appear and not only 1 because it becomes more saturated for people who have a computer with fewer resources :satisfied:

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Dear DE: WE STILL CAN'T LOG IN! "Network Not Responding" might've hijacked this thread but this thread was NOT about "Network Not Responding" before you renamed it, it was about those of us who've been unable to log in since the patch hit, and we're still unable to play the game.

Edited by Yonael
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5 minutes ago, Yonael said:

Dear DE: WE STILL CAN'T LOG IN! "Network Not Responding" hijacked this thread but this thread was NOT about "Network Not Responding", it was about those of us who've been unable to log in since the patch hit!

Agreed.  To be clear, the game acts like we don't have active accounts or our account information is incorrect.

I can log into the forums, but the game says "Login Failed. Please Check information"

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Same issue, happened immediately following the patch.  I've checked, re-checked, verified and re-verified my username and password.  I reset my password just to be safe, still nothing.  I'm able to log into the website still.  I'm NOT using the steam version.  I've unchecked the 64-bit option in the settings and verified the game cache through the launcher...still nothing.

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5 minutes ago, Vaulk_Reaver said:

Has there actually been a response from the team on this yet or is this thread just from the people reporting unable to login?

If you got to page one of this post you'll see their update in blue. You can also check twitter as well. twitter.com/playwarframe

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Just now, trams87 said:

Yup same here lol. My advice will be to wait until tomorrow. Pointless stressing over it now as they'll be lots of hotfixes through the weekend into Monday.

As much as it pains me, I also suspect we won't see our issue resolved until at least tomorrow.

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