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Ignis=Flux Rifle For Poor


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I've just lvled up Ignis because i love flamethrowers in all the games. But in this game flamethrower is kind of wierd. It is still good and usable but compared to other weapons...


1) It is a LASER. What? Why flamethrower have surgical accuracy while engulfing half of the screen in flames. I cant see an enemy behind the raging fires that swarm the enemy whole and pinpoint-accurate hitscan beam doesnt even hit anything. It renders paniced rolling ancient limb/headshots nigh impossible while doing 2-6 damage per bodyshot. And wastes a lot of ammo if for some reason heavy grineer panic and wave their head trying to douse flames. It requires about 150 ammo to destroy a reactor with its spinny glowy blue thingies cuz flamethrower is that accurate so cant hit even 2 of them at the same time. And it does damage only 1 point. Rendering it useless against swarms of infected vs which it should be good against.

2) It still buffs ancients. Especially toxic ones making them unstaggerable and rolling while playing flame panic animation

3) It makes dead enemies make flame death animation. During this period they are invulnerable, not shootable through and provide excellent cover for advancing enemies. If you use ice damage it makes this animation twice as long. That animation is the only reason i never use any elemental weapon except ice ones. Dead chargers stand as tall as they can and make anything not-point blank unreachable which allows infested to get close to you without any problems. If it had some penetrate like flames going around the infested body and doing damage to those behind or had a spread so some ammo would have reached enemies behind without all being wasted at indestructable dancing corpse with 100% accuracy. But ignis have base flame damage so will make them do that death dance anyway.

4) Flux rifle have the serrated blade damage type which makes it excellent agains all the enemies except so easy to kill light infested. And you can actually see what you're shooting at.


Even if it is underpowered it still usable but it is so bugged! And about power.


1) It has second lowest ammo efficiency of all the long guns. Outdamaging only grakata with one shot. But grakata have thrice as high crit chance and almost thrice as high firing speed and can stagger enemies not as well but enough to kill any enemy.

2) Flame damage. Ugly vs grineer, ugly vs ancients. It have bonuses that affect the most easy-killable enemies but useless against tough ones. Well, it is flamethrower and that is alright but i usually have problems with ancients, heavy grineer and long ranged MOAs. Just terrible vs some high level grineer machinegunners if you do not trade damage for stun chance. It forces to expolit the right shoulder camera position and shoot through corners. Machinegunners outdamage you, kill you in seconds if you do not have freeze damage (on a flamethrower), and it can not stagger anyone. Even if heavy gunner is killed it makes you lose about 1/5 of your ammo on 1 enemy with all the damage buffs.

3) It makes you waste about 1/5 of your ammo on high level ancients.



It is not bad weapon for such a game with ninjas, shotguns and two-handed hammers. Its made to be balanced so all of it disadvantages are made as they should be. But all the advantages are not usable due to bugs/game mechanics.

So at sight of all the weapons that could be used in place of igins, it will be very unpopular choice. Only for ppl that like flamethrower just because it is flamethrower :/


If it is to be updated: build-in puncture around 0.2-0.5 (engulfing effect), finishable off enemies with flame death animation (in order to not lose all the efficiency vs light infested), not rolling around ancients, shotgun-like bullet spread (dispersing fuel effect/higher damage to closer targets) but without sacrificing damage per salvo in order not to make it completely useless vs heavy grineer/heavy infested and sprite aura around pellets, not that wierd beam.


Or another good idea just came into my head: large number of shotgun-like pellets each having same damage the regular flamethrower "shot" does but with limited number of hits per enemy per one bullet prioritizing weakest parts. That way we will have the engulfing effect, the multitarget effect, same damage, not sacrificing damage vs heavy units and the stable damage output which lack the pellets that can miss the target cuz of spread. Combined with in-build puncture and no need to fix the burning infested bugs :3


For as far as i know, source have only bullet and explosion (Area) type damage. Hard to make something flamethrower-like.


...Wow. Thats the wall of text i've just typed. And i think my english sux. Sorry for that :P

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I'm leveling up the Ignis now and I must say that I'm very disappointed in its performance, especially since it's pretty fun to use. I had expected it to be just a worse Flux Rifle but using it cements that. I don't understand why the Flux Rifle is so much better.

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60% more damage, 16% more firing speed, damage type that deals about 80% more damage to armored enemies, you can see what ur shooting at, no burning dancing chargers in slow-motion in front of you blocking the line of sight and making cover for infested. And it requires mastery rank 6 to use. Thats all that makes the difference (that i've spotted. I do not have flux rifle myself cuz i love flamethrowers)

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Not more damage. The damage is allright. Though, it will be one of the most unpopular weapons when we have those bolters, supras and shotguns with so much damage/ammo efficiency. It lacks the "flamethrower" thing. Its just wierd grakata with bad damage type, less range and less crits. 

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Yea. I've noticed it 3 hours after i've started the thread. And figured out that i cant move it. Well, i also discussed the flame damage type, animation and a little bit of source weapon mechanics that i dont know about :P

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