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False locks/barriers

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Waited until midnight, downloaded PoE, and...

Really, DE. Just putting those reps  for farming is not enough? Now I have to propell my Archwing using Fish Oil?? What are we, back in Moby $&*^ era? 

I get it that putting stuff to actually force people to play something is sometimes required. But not locking normal player behind :"charges" which are artificial, and even non related to lore/etc. Make me mine/fish to obtain something else, even weapon parts (which actually would be more understandable). But locking our "mount" behind charges/etc - it is plainly gameplay model, that makes me wonder, do you actually listen to your player base?

To others: please, don't bother defending this. This is only one of many complains to come with expansion. Don't turn into S#&$ty F2P grind model. The current that was till now, even with it's flaws, was enough.


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