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Life-Size Lego Dera


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Just something I made.



I've made Lego gun models for Planetside 2 and Blacklight: Retribution before, so I had to do one for this game.
Reloading videos coming SOON.

Reload videos

Standard reload

Show off reload

Braton videos moved to new thread

Links to PS2 Guns





MAG Shot







Link to my second creation, the Braton:



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Thanks for the comments everyone. I will update this thread later when I get on my computer on edit the reloading videos


Epic. Do more :D


Do more! It's really good man. Reminds me of how I used to build all sorts of things with legos. Good times.


I'd love to see you make a Braton. Favorite rifle design.


I think I will do that.


Hmm... snipetron vandal or regular snipetron would be cool.


I don't even think I have enough Lego for that gun.


Awesome :D What guns did you make from PlanetSide 2?


I second this question, btw, very good job with the Dera :D


I made the TR Cycler AR and all three faction pistols. I'll put in links to those later too.

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