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Need New Dual Pistol Running Animations!


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Well this isn't that big of a deal but my point is rather agreeable and simple...


All i'm requesting is new animations for the dual pistols (MOST of the animations are fine). My only problem is the general "walking animation" if you chose to call it that, looks REALLY weird with dual pistols of all kinds.. it would be nice to see a more akimbo friendly run instead of having the right gun being held up next to the char while the left gun just dangles around to the side of you frame like they have a broken arm.... and i'm not asking for anything super fancy i just wish there would be a new animation made so that way people feel more like a pro when duel wielding something kinda like your warframe holding the 2 pistols at a downward angle or something and not like they just happened to find the same pistol lying on a counter with no ammo in it lol. Also it doesn't have to be something stuck in place if possible it could be released as an option update via the settings menu (or a lil check box of some sorts) that would activate the alternative animations for those that want the more advance dual runner look.. Also having it able to be seen by other players would be nice so that way you aren't the only 1 feeling awesome, but when you check the box other players will see you performing the animations that you see. aside from all of this thought i probably would hurt if other posting what animations they think need a remake.


Yes i understand the Devs are already under enough pressure as is just building the game but these animations in all honesty would'nt take too long to build and are equally important as the buffs and debuffs they release every few weeks as they are something that need to be fixed

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