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Chat Window Suggestions


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Hi. I'm sure people have already posted numerous posts similar to this. but here are a few suggestions for the chat window.


1. When in game, make the chat window under the Lotus pop up to begin with. Its kind of annoying having to move it every game. (also movable team health bars?)


2. Give it an "Always Show" feature. Sometimes It stays up for a while and sometimes it disappears quickly. Not sure what is causing either. 


3. Make the lobby names flicker or glow when someone chats in a lobby you aren't in. (i think it glows red sometimes?) Maybe even a sound when you get a whisper that you could have the option of turning off.


these things sure would make my warframe experience way better. 




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Was about to make my own topic but think I'll just add to this one!
I didn't think about the Always Show feature, JeffLeppard.

Chat Window suggestions:

Better readability
White text on black backing works fine when you're in the menu but in many levels this becomes much harder to read. Thicker text with a darker backing to the chat window?

Fast Channel Switching
There needs to be a hotkey or other method for switching between channels, so when in game you can easily check what's going on in your Clan chat and switch back to Squad chat and so on.

Sound notifications
Some people seem to straight up miss when they're bein talked to, so that might help. Obviously with an option to turn this off as not everyong likes sounds. (Also this wouldn't do for region chat, I'm mostly talking about in-game squad/clan chat.)

Fix the blatent bug between Chat window and Starmap.
This should probably go in another section of the forum but I'll mention it here too. Clicking on the chat window doesn't stop you from clicking on what's behind it, and this can end up causing players to starting missions by accident.

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having the always show, i agree would be a great addition i would also like to see options whereas to have the chat box perma open in the diffrent points in gameplay, i.e. star map ingame and in the gear menu's, it would make talking to clanmates etc vastly more convient

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