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Clan Logo: Inaccurate Lighting


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I assumed that, like many games that use the 128x128 png user uploads for 'sprays, the uploaded images are as is.


Also, you are assuming that holographs do in fact emit ambient light. Lasers do not emit enough excess ambiance to really cause a 'glow' or 'haze' around them.


Also, a forced glow may not be a good idea as its a 128x128 pixel image. To apply a filter like that would either create a glow on the outside of the 128x128 frame, or over the whole thing. that could cause a number of problems with the look of the uploads.


All of that being said, I created our clan logo smaller than the 128x128 frame, added my own transparency and diffusion on the edges of the design to make it look like it was actually light. Just waiting for approval. I may come and post it here, especially if it looks nothing like i hoped XD

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