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Nunchaku (New Type Of Weapon)

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Nunchaku (low damage, fast weapon, hit multiple targets, staggering enemies)

We have Dual Heat Swords (fire base damage) and Amnphis (electric base damage) so now maybe is time for new weapon with Ice base damage.

Something similar to this: http://devilmaycry.neoseeker.com/w/i/devilmaycry/4/45/Cerberus.png
with 3 sticks

Base Damage 10
Base fire rate: 2.0
Base Charge Damage: 50
Base charge speed: 1.2


Can hit multiple targets.
High rate of fire
Charge attack knock down targets by throwing them back.
Charge attack swing around 2 times moving forward.
Armor ignore
Has an AoE Ice jump-attack with relatively high damage

Low-Medium AoE jump attack.

No knock down on jump attack, slowing targets and staggering them.
low damage regular and charge.
Only deals half damage to light Infested units.

It is only weapon for stagger, throw back, and slowing targets.

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Nice idea... lets hope that the DE would consider it :P

If a Melee is added, need more design types than just a re-design of current weapons... The most recent one that was a good one was the Glaive because it was the first Thrown melee.

Oh god... Another melee weapon...!



Not that bad... really. Plus, he's trying to add a unique shape into the category. Along with a Elemental power to it.

Right now, we got weapons that relate to older weapons but have a small stat boost [Ankyros -> Kogake] [bo -> Amphis] [skana -> Chronus]


At least he isn't trying to suggest a weapon that's been suggested before lol.

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doesnt this requires copy right permission from DMC??

how does the weapon do the hits??

1 swing = hit the single front target 3 times??

u know that the main handle is in the center of those 3 LARGE ice mace or sth right?

whats the animation for charged attack?? follows the large-ice-aoe combo from DMC?

what about slide attk?

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