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So I Ran The Reactor "?" Mission...


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EDIT: It was an Orokin Catalyst not a Reactor.

The situation was I was using my level 12 Mag and I completed the mission and did not receive the Orokin Catalyst.

I then ran it 4-5 more times to the same effect, successful completion, but no Orokin Catalyst.

On my last run I thought maybe due to the my Mags low level maybe the game was set to not give it out to a low level frame.

I switched to my level 30 Nova and once more completed the mission and what-do-you-know, I received the catalyst.

Are higher level Alerts or higher level ? Alerts reserved only for higher level frames?

If so, it should state on the mission the minimum level frame required.

On another note.

After running this mission over and over, it also crossed my mind that it might be cool to run an Alert say 3 or 4 times but make the reward a bit greater.

It should display next tot he mission something like (1/4), (2/4), etc.

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