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Colour Customization


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Ok yes, Im from New Zealand, we spell colour with a 'u' in it.


Moving on...


Update 9 has changed the way colour customization works in the game.


my twin vipers looked so awesome before the patch.

now they look horrible, or boring.

I cannot get them to look the way they did before, so i have opted for the 'boring' colour scheme.

Its as close as i can get to what it once was.


and, ash's smokey arm, it was cool.

now it looks like this game has added hyper colours to things.


Kind of like world of warcraft.

get a cool looking weapon, then add an ugly hyper-colour glow to it.


warframe is about brutal space ninjas, not cosplay dance party fairy lights.


(off topic, why not make the polarized atefact slot universal? restricting the choice of artefact is a real buzz kill)


to be honest, i really loved this game. thrashed it. I was having loads of fun with it.

That fun ended a few days after the snipetron vandal event. Since patch 9 came out, all i have really done

is log in to get my daily reward, then log out.

I played a quick game today, which annoyed me enough to make this post)

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