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A New Stalker-Like Enemy


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Ok, this is just a basic idea I've had in my head for awhile. Will add more to it by feedback or any other ideas i come up with.


Enemy Name- Huntress(To keep within the "Stalker" theme)

Warframe- Looks similar to Saryn but Black with White lights


Primary- A sub-machine gun type weapon

Secondary- A silenced pistol/or silenced sawed off shotgun type weapon

Melee- Kusarigama(Chain-Sickle)


Powers will be similar to Ash's but have a mist/fog appearance.

Ash's-Smoke Bomb(Stuns anyone nearby and cloaks Huntress, she will temporarily flee and attempt to strike later or from a different position.)

Decoy-Summons two other look-a likes that move and shoot but can't do any damage.(Have a decent amount of HP)

-Suggestion for a 3rd power-


Entrance-The map becomes really foggy reducing visibility and slowly returns to normal.


Taunts:(Soon to come)



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