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Summoner Frame - A Little Different


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A frame that can summon creatures from the void to fight for it. Can contribute support, damage, or battlefield chaos. I'm going to base the descriptions of the summons off of existing enemies so that you are familiar with their style of combat.


General Frame stats:


Low shields, medium-low health and armor. Average speed.

Max essence pool with max essence boosting mods should not exceed 300.


Notes for all summons:


1. If cast while targeting an enemy or ally, it will follow the target. If cast with no target, it will follow you and engage nearby enemies. If the creature's target dies, it will look for an enemy, if it doesn't see one, it will begin to follow you.


2. Each time you use an ability, your max essence pool is depleted by the casting cost. This is restored when the creature dies or their time runs out (does not restore the essence spent).




1 - Rabid Demon - 25 cost

Summons a charger-type creature for 30/40/50/60 seconds. Fusing this ability also yields increased health, movement, and attack speed. Number of chargers that can be summoned is limited by your essence pool (300 max essence = 12 chargers).


2 - Cremator - 50 cost

Summons Infested Scorch with mid-to-short range poison/flame cone. Same 30/40/50/60 second lifespan and highest DPS of first 3 skills. Summoning 6 of these guys to hang out with you would be a great way to hold a choke point or defense point. I'm also thinking they would be the slowest ones to keep up with you.


3 - Redeemer - 75 cost

Summons Ancient Healer/Disrupter for 30-60 seconds. Its arm attack can empty shields and knock down. If set to target an enemy, it will only cast the heal dome when its own health is drops too low. If cast with no target, the Ancient will cast heal dome when an injured ally is within range. Heal dome restores 50hp has a 20 second cool down. Much more fragile than enemy Ancients.


4 - Retainer - 150 cost

Summons a Stalker for 60/70/80/90 seconds. Stalker takes 20 seconds to materialize in which time the lights will flicker. At max, the summoner can call two Stalkers simultaneously but will be reduced to 0 essence pool. Stalkers also pull aggro from enemies within 10 meters. Will Slash Dash when facing groups and Shuriken when facing a boss.


As I said, this frame could tailor itself toward damage output in the form of two Stalkers. Alternatively, you could mix it up and have a Stalker, a Healer, a Scorch, and a Charger running around on your team. Yet another option would be to roll with all 12 Chargers; this would be incredibly useful in defense maps by creating battlefield chaos and stalling the enemies in their own fights thus distracting them from the cryopod.


Not too much like Vauban in that the "traps" can move. Not too much like Nyx in that these creatures do not subtract from the enemy forces, but are instead made to engage them. Don't know what to call it, but I feel like it should have a tentacle mouth.


I know some people are saying they don't want new frames for a while, that the existing ones should be retooled and balanced. I'm not in a rush to see this frame made immediately, but it might be cool to weave its debut in with some Stalker lore... *nudge wink hint insinuate*

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Here's some art from Hotline Miami. It's probably what made me think it should have an octopus head.



or maybe it was Davy Jones from the Pirates movies



As for what an infested scorch looks like, take the Grineer armor, remove its face and add weird biological stuff oozing out of every crevice. I thought of their flamethrower as actually being a poison hose- as though some bile reserve grew to feed into the fuel line. I'm pretty sure leapers, runners, and crawlers were once Corpus dudes that got infested... why not Grineer?


I can already feel the lag...


Haha I know, I originally had it at a 400 essence cap, which would allow 64 allied chargers if you had 4 summoners. :D


It probably would be good to nerf the spawns further. Maybe raise the first ability to 35 cost. So you could have 7 chargers OR 6 scorch OR 4 ancients OR 2 stalkers. And remember that's at max mods and such, most of the time you would have to work with much less.


In higher level stuff, chargers would get killed pretty quick unless they outnumbered the enemy. Scorches would have higher armor/health but slower movement and only having a mid-close range attack would have them get killed by ranged enemies if unimpeded.


I also thought it would be a good balance if you couldn't de-spawn your creatures manually, they'd have to die or run out of time. Chargers could keep up with you, ancients would lag behind fast frames but would sprint when too far behind, scorches would be the slowest but would catch up to the fight half-way through like the cavalry.

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Not sure what your gripe is... do I need to describe everything in sci-fi terms? The stalker already "materializes" out of nowhere and Orokin technology has all kinds of unknown capabilities. I said at the start that I was going to describe the creatures based on existing enemies so that you would be more familiar with them. In actuality, these should be entirely new designs.


I leaned more towards infested types as there seems to be a connection between that virus and the ancient Orokin. Consider that enemies in void towers are called Corrupted and that Ancient Disrupters/Healers spawn amongst them.

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