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The Market: Not That Organized.


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The market seem not organize to me. They should have their own page and Icons, appearing in the market. The market still need to make it more organized by these following suggestions.


Like in the weapons, there should be:




Like all the weapons will be arranged by their mastery level and rank.




All the weapons will be arranged alphabetically, including the blueprints.




Those are the options, now these are how to present the market weapons organized:




All the weapons will be arranged by their class, primary, secondary and melee. Weapons will appear alphabetically, and also have the 2 options above.




Next is the colors and the alternative helmets, packs and the bundles.




The helmets should be alphabetical, with their series I and II. And each should also have a model of each warframe, wearing that alternative helmet, to show users what it really looks like.




The bundles should be more and they should have their own page in the market, these are just my suggestions:


10 platinum = 10,000 credits


30 platinum = 50,000 credits


50 platinum = 75,000 credits


100 platinum = 100,000 credits


200 platinum = 175,000 credits and 1 forma


500 platinum = 200,000 credits and 2 forma


1000 platinum = 1,000,000 credits and 3 forma




They should also have their own page in the market, these packs are just my suggestions:


25 platinum = 2 Void Keys (1 common and 1 uncommon)


50 platinum = 3 Void Keys (2 common and 1 uncommon)


75 platinum = 5 Void Keys (1 common, 1 uncommon and 1 rare)


100 platinum = 7 Void Keys (3 common, 2 uncommon and 2 rare)


150 platinum = 10 Void keys (3 common, 4 uncommon and 3 rare)


250 platinum = 15 Void Keys (4 common, 7 uncommon and 4 rare)


500 platinum = 20 Void keys (6 common, 9 uncommon and 5 rare)


1000 platinum = 50 Void Keys (10 common, 30 uncommon and 10 rare)




I got no problems with the color packs, they are just fine.


These are just my suggestions about the market. Thank you.

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