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Random Sources Of Annoyment (I.e. Not Fun)


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Just stuff that should be altered/fixed to make the game more fun.

Not all of these are bugs.
But most of them are.

Done some edits, as some of them have been fixed.

-Maybe not a bug:
Out of all Grineer, Rollers used to be the most annoying (even with Scorpions in game). Now it's the Elite Lancers. Elite would somewhat imply (methinks) that they lead regular Lancers into battle. Or something. But no. They completely replace regular Lancers above lv20. Lancers and Grakatas don't even show up anymore. You just walk into a room and 30 guys go
"Hey. *extremely annoying Burston(?) sound*. Shoulda duck'd." I used to like grineer missions. Now I avoid them like the plague, not because they're difficult (I've yet to die to grineer since U9), but because they're annoying.
Idea: make them rarer and have regular Lancers back them up.

-I sure hope this is unintentional:
Tendency for bosses to drop "worthless" stuff (things too commonly dropped everywhere else) or NOTHING has increased dramatically. I'd credit them for being smart and not keeping the best goodies on themselves, ("Ghurghh... You'll get nothing from me Tenno! NOTHING!!! Have fun with your new Detonite Ampule/100 Nanospores, wading through the rest of my INFINITE minions. And getting stalked. And doing this again in ~10 minutes! Buh-bye!")
but they're not elsewhere, they're non-existent. Sooo... challenge, but no reward (not fun).

-More bugs:
Sometimes, for unknown reasons, weapons get locked down somehow, meaning that you press your fire/reload/swing button, and nothing happens. I even had ALL of them stuck once (in a Void mission of course): no melee, no primary, and no reload for secondary. Then it went away on it's own. Worst 5 minutes running around like an idiot ever.

-You can fall through the floor and break the game. You just keep falling. No death, no return, you either wait for the others to finish or quit. IF there are others. Especially high chance of triggering on melee attacking prone enemies. Also closing Void obstacle doors push you through the floor (!!!?) if you arrive at the last second. The area below the map could be designated as a "ya fell down" zone, and teleport you back to where you last touched firm ground. Like the regular bottomless pits on the map...

-Next: ...and some non-bottomless pits that teleport you back up for no reason, even though they're not deep or difficult/slow to get out of. Also some jumps across these could be done easily if it weren't for the teleport zone starting 1cm below the edge, putting you back to the start position immediately after you grab the edge on the other side.

-High level enemies (already having insane HP) ignore all sorts of damage, making weapons, powers and (dare I say?) frames lacking a certain quality (armor-piercing/armor-ignoring) completely useless in high level missions.

AI tweaks would be nice. Some stuff I noticed:
When enemies are not aware of you, they act like morons.
When enemies are aware of you, they have X-ray eyes.
All enemies have perfect aim and caffeine-overdose target lock. All the time. Even the humans. The only chance they have at missing on their own is weapon spread. Super annoying when you find a hall the size of a hangar with ~100 dudes. I'm not saying it should be completely eliminated from the game, but it should be reserved for robots.

Not AI -tweak:
Ammo max should depend on weapon damage and not weapon type. Ammo drops should give you a % of your max ammo and not a fixed amount.

...3 times in a row...
...*pops blood vessel*
...why do you even have these?

Button pressing room in the void. Enemies can press the buttons, messing up the order before you even get a chance to LOOK what kind of room you've entered. Super-duper annoying. And stupid. And probably easy to fix, as they don't seem to trigger pressure plates linked to traps.

Also fixing the spawns would be awesome. In U7 it was okay. Now the game just dumps f@@kloads of bad guys EVERYWHERE!
Doesn't even have the decency to spawn them in a place you don't have line of sight to anymore. They just appear right in front of you. Or right behind you! In a room with only 1 exit that you've JUST cleared, and didn't even leave yet! I've even had void mooks spawn right on top of my squad!!! Ridiculously annoying when everyone is hax (see above, with the aim thing).

So I switched back to my Cronus for a bit of nostalgia (I last used it in U7) and after 10 mins I'm now considering getting rid of it forever and never looking at 1-handers ever again (not even for mastery). Why? Because the attack animation now only consits of stupid forward lunges. When people press the button bound to melee attack, they expect their frames to do melee attacks, not f***ing DANCE!!! You can't even slice up stationary dudes without waving the camera around and looking like an idiot anymore. Can't imagine anyone actually wanting to use 1-handers anymore, let alone level them.
Attack buttons should be reserved for attacking, and movement controls for controlling movement. Pretty simple (duurr). Worked for everything with Kyle Katarn in it, and worked for U7. Don't know why it had to be f***'d up.

The drone that flies out of the fusion moa. It has no hitbox whatsoever. It's half the size of a fusion moa, and you can only hit a little part in the middle, projectiles just pass through 80% of its body. Plz feex.

Getting damaged does nothing to your jumps, but it COMPLETELY eliminates SuperJump momentum, making you fall straight down. Super anti-ninja-iffic.

Edited by hyperkayak
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Desert Skates rant!

For critters, they have ridiculous HP. That paired with them submerging in sand making them 90% resistant to everything (yes, even uber-powers and puncturing rounds -which should penetrate the ~10cm of sand above them easily-) make these annoying as hell, taking AGES to kill. It's literally easier and faster to wipe out a local grineer squad with a lv0 grakata than dealing with 3 of these with maxed everything.
Also, their hitboxes are way out of proportion. But only when they're DEAD. Lying flat as a pancake on the ground, you have to walk over them to shoot people, bullets traveling ~2m above the corpse mysteriously disappear in blood squirt central.
+1: Someone in the dev team might actually be reading this: they found a legit way to make enemies spawn UNDER YOU! yay!

The visuals and sounds are pretty well done. They could bring extra flavour to the desert setting, but I caught myself completely ignoring them, or dancing around them while pewpewing the distracted grineer, taking their stuff and moving on. Even using powers like slashdash for the sole purpose of getting past them without having to stop to fight (also said slashdash rarely kills any of them -lv ~30-, while mashing up anything under lv70-80).

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