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Endless Defense/stalker Glitch


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So a group of buddies and I were doing Palus on Pluto to try and get defense rewards. Pretty standard stuff, drop Bastille, kill infested - repeat.


Well, the Stalker (wut stalker!?) spawned on wave 5 for us, targeting me. This is also pretty standard stuff. I was kiting him around, not giving a heck, when somehow (I suspect the Nova caused it) we killed the last mob of the wave. The reward screen popped up, and the Stalker wasted me within seconds.


We opt to keep going, but we noticed that there were Slash Dash noises periodically, as well as the Cryopod health meter being replaced with "Stalker [80]" so we looked around some and found the Stalker smoke cloud, going around and killing all of the Infested for us.



Some ancients did manage to take him down later, but we were given the option to revive him. I didn't screenshot that, wish I had. The whole thing was kind of weird. Also, he never attacked any of us after he became a cloud.


And a couple more screens.


http://imgur.com/Wt4eaC1 - http://imgur.com/QrcNYbR

Has anyone else had something like this happen to them?

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