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Nova Antimatter Drop- What Exactly Does It Absorbs?


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So yesterday i was having fun trying to maximize the damage of antimatter drop while minimizing the "charge" time.


While using the Hek, i noticed something was off with my damage numbers, so after some testing, it seems antimatter drop only absorbs the physical portion of the damage and none of the elementals:

even with +90% ice damage, +150% piercing damage, +90%fire damage, the damage would stay the same with the same mods removed.

I tested it on lvl 5-7 corpus so as not to have issues with armor and etc, 

afterwards, i used my latron prime to see if this was shotgun related, but again the same results.


With the Hek i was doing 2800-3000 damage with only 1 shot on it which adds up correctly from 140(base)*2 (multi 100%) *2.5 (point blank +blaze) *4 (antimatter drop) +130 (average should be 2930)


the thing is that sometimes the numbers go crazy. P.e. i tested with my glaive,  and i had hits from 1900damage up to 20k (maybe it hits the globe multiple times?)


The other thing i tried to test was criticals, i used a 50% crit chance dread, but for the life of me, i couldn't reliably tell if crits affect the globe.


Am i wrong or mssing something here?

Excluding clan weapons, which would be then the optimal weapon (and mod configuration) for antimatter drop nuking? (extra fast charge up + good base damage)

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I just throw a few despair shots into it and watch the numbers go over 100k :/

 a full clip of despair returns ~10500-12500 damage for me (hornet lvl 7)

doing the math that is 2.2 (barrel)*55(base)*2.6(hornet lvl 7)*4 (antimatter)*10 (clip) +130 = 12710


so elemental damage is again not helping.


also i cannot see how you can reach 100k unless "a few" is ~60 with max hornet strike 


edit: ofc my numbers are without ulti

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