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New Warframe - Recoil


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Almost sounds to good of a support frame... especially the dual wielding one... would be extremely overpowered...

How so? most ults ruin the enemy so I assumed a few seconds using a duplicate of your main weapon which also consumed extra ammo would be very balanced.

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Yeah, claiming that an ability that just doubles your guns DPS for a few seconds is broken is laughable in a game where an ult causes whole groups of mobs to take double damage from any source, slows them down, and also has them chain explode upon death.


OP's ult is a 2 or 3 ability at most.


@ OP - On the whole I found this concept to be rather bland.  None of the abilities have any real flavor nor do they play off the ninja theme in any way.  You have:


1.  ROF buff/debuff

2.  Accuracy buff

3.  Free ammo

4.  Two guns!  Whooo....


This is just...uninspired.  Sorry for being so harsh but there are much more interesting ways you could use a gunplay theme.  For example:  Ninja gunslinger or cowboy ninja.  Think trick shots, ricochets, crazy near-instant reloads, specialized ammo, uncanny dodges, hyper reflexes, faking death, dirty tricks, etc.


Or you could go with a ninja sniper theme, which could imply certain themes/abilities such as...teleporting for better angles, marking targets, stealth, poison neeldes, calling in support, covering fire, etc.


I'm not saying you have a bad idea, I'm saying that the implementation could use some work.


Also, your power stat is off.  Rank 30 power is 150% of base.  So 100-->150, 150-->225.

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