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Taking Shield Penetrating/bypassing Damage


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I've been seeing this more and more lately, and while not isolated to fighting Corpus, I notice it most while engaged with them.

Short version:

I'm dying to incoming damage (note, not a Nightmare tick, though Vampire makes this especially lethal) that kills me while I still have a considerable shield value.

I noticed it with Thunderbolt explosions you were too close too (bypasses your shield entirely and just kills you, bad design that in my opinion) and have seen it with incoming fire as well.

I've been unable to determine if this is deliberate, such as an enemy 'critical hit' result aimed at ensure health and Armor are needed and useful or if it's a bug at work.

Does anyone else have more light to shed on the subject?

I'm not sure this is bad (it certainly has made me die a lot more versus being pretty indestructible) but it certainly is difficult to identify or plan for if I don't know what's causing it or when it's happening.

Couple this with incoming damage indication being handled somewhat poorly for shield versus health or competing with other notifiers (Vampire, the fact we glow 'damage red' on picking up an artifact/capture target) and we are a bit starved for good information when in the thick.

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Do you have your sentinel equipped? If so then it's likely that you're being one shot and then your sentinel is restoring your shield.

Ah, that is a very real possibility Excitonex. I hadn't considered that. The presentation of information was instantaneous so there was no means to see the fall/raise.

Though if that was the case, would it not always be at full shields upon restoration or a fixed value or do our shields continue to take strikes after we're 'dead' on the ground?

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I think it is a bug.  If you have guardian maxed, it should fully restore your shields, especially on low shield frames.  If you are left with less, it is definitely a bug.  I noticed myself being 1-shot many times with moderate shield remaining, especially by continuous damage sources like Vor's teslas on vampire missions. (before they took NM off of mercury).  It could easily be a bug.

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