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If You Pay The $19.95 To Become A Founder, Can You Upgrade?


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Can you upgrade later? And also do you have to upgrade and pay the full price or is it discounted to the next tier?

I got a $50 Steam wallet card and I do want to help the team as well as get that extra plat for the inevitable future. But I'm not sure if I want the $50 one or just start with the other.

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If you buy the first tier you can upgrade later and the next tier is reduced by the price of the tier that you buy.

Its how I got my way up to GM tier.

If you buy it all at once, or one rank at a time, the amount of money you spend to get to the ranks is the exact same.

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Best way to say how the Founder Program works.


If you buy a cheap Founder package [Disciple], you can upgrade at a later date for the difference between them. (Example being you buy the first package being 20$, then want to upgrade to the 50$ one [Hunter]. You pay 30$ instead of the full 50$ if you had the 20$ package)


The Platinum received will also be the difference between them. If you buy one package in the founders slot, if you upgrade, you don't receive the heavy amount in a total. Just the difference. [Example below]

Package A has 1350 Platinum for 20$

Package B has 3500 Platinum for 50$ and Includes special Warframe [Excalibur Prime] with it.


You get Package A, then eventually upgrade to B. But when you upgraded to B, you got the Special Warframe but also 2150 Platinum instead of the 3500.

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