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Question About Which Mods Would Grant The Lanka The Most Dps



Setup 1: Serration, Multi, Hellfire, Storm, Cryo, Pierce, Vital, and Point Strike.

This is a common build all would be maxed.


Setup 2: Serration, Multi, Hellfire, Hammershot, Cryo, Pierce, Vital, and Point Strike.

Since Electric is regarded as the worst element would the extra Crit damage be better for dps?


Setup 3:Serration, Multi, Hellfire, Storm, Cryo, Hammershot, Vital, and Point Strike

AP is the weakest percentage for rifles. Since the Lanka ignores armor wouldn't the extra AP damage only be so useful?


I just would like to know which would in theory be the best for dps vs all factions. Thank you.

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I prefer Setup #2 the best because you can easily swap between electrical and fire damage, depending on the faction. Electricity for the Corpus, fire for the Grineer and Infested.


The extra critical damage from Hammer Shot (+60%) and Vital Sense (+120%) make the Lanka (and most other sniper rifles) deal 420% crit damage from 150% crit damage. Dread's the exception, having 560% crit damage from 200% crit damage using the same mods. Add Split Chamber and a maxed Point Strike (upgrading the standard sniper's 20% base crit to 50%), and there are very few enemies that the Lanka can't kill in one shot.


Armor piercing, though the weakest percentage, is more useful than the other elements when prioritizing. AP > Ice > Fire > Electricity

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Dps-wise, my current setup (which is amazing to Tier 3 defense) is: Serration, Split-Chamber, Vital Sense, Point Strike, Fast Hand, Speed Trigger, and Hammer Shot. This leaves 1 spot open for whatever, usually an ammo mod if its a long haul defense (Though once it's fixed likely slap a puncture mod in). I don't bother with the elemental mods as at 100+ they really start to loose the reliability, and since only lanka's base damage ignores armor, i work around hitting them hard with it for as long as possible and little down time.


PS: if ever they come out with a second crit chance mod, it will definitely take the 8th slot, unless its a mix that matches reload, rate of fire or can replace hammer shot (as in crit chance/crit damage).


Edit: Forgot to mention, for dps, speed trigger is an absolute must, it nearly cuts charge time in half.

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