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Continuity On Nova's Molecular Prime



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I do not believe Continuity really benefits MPrime because the primed targets usually go into a cascade explosion a few seconds afterwards.


However, every 17% of Power Duration does give you one extra Null Star; up to a maximum of 3 if you have Continuity (Rank4) and Constitution (Rank3).


My Nova currently has 9 Null Stars flying around her because of Continuity4+Constitution3. :)

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Don't listen to them, for higher defense such as T3 It is needed, because heavy gunners can live for up to 3 minutes unless focused on.

Thank u all. but Hayden11121 mentioned something that I was looking for.I want duration to damage high lvl enemies, such as enemies in Tower III defence.

So at last, the duration works on NOVA's power #4.

Thanks dude!

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