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Ember's Overheat Appearance


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What are your opinion on the look of it?


At first I thought it was pretty cool how she looked scorched, which reflects the power's name quite well. However, the more time I use it, the more I felt it looked awkward. I think it's a similar feel I get from Rhino's Iron Skin.


First of all, it looks like a single layer of burnt texture applied to her whole mesh, which in itself makes her appearance look flat. This is a big turn-off because of all the "rounded" aspects of Ember (other than her butt, there's those things on her back, her ninja-hakama-like pants, etc.). Secondly, it hides all color customization you may have done on her. Third, it's not affected in any way by energy color; only the flames are, and when using a colder color like blue, the flames + scorched look doesn't match as good.

I must say it does add some sort of unique flare in terms of design, but overall I don't find it as appealing because of how it flattens her design with this texture instead of actually bringing the details up.


Personally, what I would prefer is a more classic "human torch" appearance, where the texture is one that makes her outlines "glow". This way, it will bring out all the details of her design, especially the rounded parts, while giving a relatively cool effect to look at, one that the flames match with the "Overheat texture" added. Two quick examples would be Sims 3 "death by fire" ghosts, and the Immolation skill from Dragon's Dogma.


Sims ghost



Immolation: http://dragonsdogma.wikia.com/wiki/File:Skill_Magick_Archer_Immolation.gif


Of course this is just a nitpick from me, but an opinion on the matter nonetheless.

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With the incoming Ember Prime, will Overheat's appearance still stay the same, meaning it will still hide all details and effort they will put in the design?


I personally think Overheat's appearance needs a change soon enough, or at least at the same time as U11 with Ember Prime's coming.

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I'd prefer air around her being distorted from heat. Like when you're looking at fire and it distorts light behind it because of hot air rising up from fire.


That could work too but it has to be made in a way that it won't distort your vision when you're aiming. If done right, I'd love that.


In any case, I just want Overheat to look better instead of this weird texture overlay that flattens everything.

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