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New Second/pistol Weapon [Grenade Launcher]


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I wanted from the beggining the main weapon to be used in every situation, and secondary for special moments.

Grenade Launcher

Damage: 100 to all body (Ogris in game have 150 to all body)
Base Clip Size: 1
Base ammo size: 72
Base Reload speed: 1.5 seconds

-fast reload speed
-big damage
-can be fired while sprinting
-effective at killing enemies behind cover
-fast projectile speed
-6m AoE dealing 350 damage to multiplie enemies scaled by distance from explosion of explosion damage type

-Small clip size
-small ammo size
-risky to use when enemies are in close range
-enemies can destroy launched granade.
-launched granade fall slowly down.

something similar looking to this:



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