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[New Mod Concept] Air Slashes


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I think it would be really cool to see a mod for long-swords that would allow the user to send out "Air Slashes"*

with each basic attack (about 3 meters in-game?) and with each charged attack (about 10 meters in-game?)

Here is a video of DmC Devil May Cry i recorded so you have a comparison to what i'm talking about.

As of how much damage it does i was thinking about 60% at max. (After mods?)

Polarity: V or -


  • 0: 15% Damage ; 6 Capacity Cost
  • 1: 30% Damage ; 7 Capacity Cost
  • 2: 45% Damage ; 8 Capacity Cost
  • 3: 60% Damage ; 9 Capacity Cost

I like to think of this as the multishot/ puncture of melee.

*Air Slash color matches Energy color of weapon used.

Thank you for reading :)

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ermmmmm....mmm... aaaeeeeeh.... NO!

even warframe being so wacky, weapons should still follow some kind of logic frame. Leave this kind of stuff to warframe abilities.

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How about make it so you have to hit an enemy for it to proc, it would go through enemies sort of like the mod Reach. Make it so you have to hit an enemy with the sword itself.or whats the point in making melee swords.


I kinda have to agree with Aure7.


BUT, I can say you can make an idea of a new weapon that has a charge ability.

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