The grineer gunships are too strong, remove the hitscan

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3 hours ago, phoenix1992 said:

Well I am not OP and to be honest Tusk Bolkor is not my biggest issue in PoE enemy design (Tusk Ogma on the other side is BS).

The issues start when it is not alone (which is usually the case), there is a finite directions and resources I can spend in order to kill an enemy cluster, and when Bolkor shows up with back up from 3 more sides... Well hope you like running.

then theres the situations where running causes u to fail a bounty/incursion

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my personal pet Peeve with these is when they show up on capture the outpost/defend the armored container parts of bounties, where you have ships coming in all the time so you don't even realize it's there until your health bar vanishes, it needs some sort of distinct indicator, like a different engine sound, that one has arrived

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