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Warframe Concept- Dark Matter


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I thought id try my hand a creating a warframe. So heres what i thought up: 


I was thinking it could be a male highly mobile stealth waframe with limited directly dmging ablities and more focused on utility/buffs. he offer unique gameplay through the applying and stripping of dark matter on foes:

- id say it would have the sprint speed of an ash/nova

-maybe 100 shields and hp with 10-75 armor or something like tht

-applying darkmatter would decrease dmg dealt by the foe, plus additional affects from ablities. it will eventually wear off (after a very long time) , and if the marked target attacks the effect will wear off much much faster 


      1) a short range (think about the window hallway on corpus ships- from the windows to a little before that big doorway) teleport tht confuses nearby enemies ( medium range) and applies darkmatter to them (with either extremely quick or no cast time at all)

      2) a cloaking skill with a fairly short duration. walking very close to an enemy will apply dark matter (and possibly increase duration of the stealth) gun fire and melee dmg will break the cloak and release smallish aoe blast thing that slows marked enemies dramtically and might applies a moderate to high dmg DoT (havent really decided what i want out of this dot yet but it could go on the 1 instead), and doesnt consume darkmatter. can use most abilities while in stealth

      3) buffs the player to deal a percentage amount of bonus dmg as well as negate dmg (it could also give a small speed buff and i havent decided if it should apply to the players squad) for a duration that is based on the current amount of darkmatter applyed in the mission (1-3 sec per application sound appropriate) also doesnt consume dark matter

      4) releases a sphere of ultra dense dark matter tht moves extremely slow (like barely faster than novas AD when its slowed)  it starts about 3 times the size of AD but gets larger the more dark matter it rips away from foes as well as increases range. nearby enemies tht are marked with dark matter take dmg repeatedly while unmarked enemies are staggered.enemies hit directly by the ball will take extremely high dmg over time (comparable to miasmas dmg) regardless of whether the are marked or not at the end of its duration or if it collides with a mass equal to its own it explodes dealing dmg (range based on size) (havent decided if it should do dmg or knock back foes) (also havent decided if it should remark enemies im thinkin not)  duration of 18-25 sec [ was thinking tht if the player ran into the sphere it would cancel the the ability and refund 25 energy just for the sake of quick gameplay. it could also not refund any energy if ppl dont like tht ]

  *all abilities have standard energy costs


Woah. tht was long. anyway tell me what u think.

i really like this idea (it is mine so of course i would) and i have really high hopes for it (as many do for their ideas)


oh yeah and i havent figured out a name for him yet and i do have a general design idea but im to lazy to explain it and not good enough to draw it :l


also i tryed to make it balanced but point out flaws (not tht there will be any lack of those XD)

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