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Warframe For Mac


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First and foremost- this may not be the right place for this, but I can't find what would be the right place for it, but I thought-if you can't play it then there is no gameplay eh?


Currently warframe is PC only, nothing for the mac gamers. Granted macs suck in general in my opinion, especially for gaming, however I know a few people here who have played it and would love to, however they can't because they don't own a single PC.  

Anyone support?

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I play warframe on my mac via bootcamp.  The hardware does just fine.  But a native port would mean one less game to reboot into windows for which would make me super happy!

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Taken from another thread:

Greetings fellow Mac'y guy. It is unlikely that there will be a port to MacOSX anytime in the near future (let's call that the next 12 to 24 months). Part of the reason is the technology this game is built on. This game makes heavy use of DirectX which a Microsoft specific graphics language. In order to port this game to Mac would require one of two options.

1) Rebuild the game with an OpenGL rending layer (lots of hard work)
2) Use a 3rd party wrapper such as Cider to translate the DirectX calls.

#1 is basically not an option at this point. DE is to far down the production path to shift gears at that level. #2 isnt worth looking at until the game is done and optimized. Either way we are not going to see a Mac port until well after this game is out of Beta.

YOUR solution is to use your Mac to run Windows. You could use a virtual machine system such as Parralles or VMWare, however neither can really give you the hardware support a game like Warframe needs. The best option is to buy a copy of Windows and use the BootCamp Untilty to install it as secondary OS.

Before you do so, what is your Mac? Go to the Apple in the Upper Left and "About this Mac", the More Info which will bring up the Hardware Profiler. The important facts are: Processor, RAM, Graphics Card. This is important because some types of Macs do not have the internal hardware to support playing Warframe very well.

The last option would possibly be CrossOver Games, however that is extremely unlikely for the similar reasons Parallels or VMWare are.

Use the PM system to get my attention.

- Dude who games from a Mac Pro tower.


Thread's link https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/40172-download-for-mac/

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