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A Bit More In The Way Of Stealth Options


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I rather enjoy warframe, and love how fluid the movement is. It really makes you feel like some ancient warrior to run across a wall, leap off it, pull off a multi-melee hit combo, then dash down a corridor, slide the last thirty feet and snipe four headshots while mid-slide.


It just... doesn't feel much like being a ninja is all in those situations.


In solo missions, especially exterminates that are of a very high level (try doing like void key 2 or 3 missions solo =P ), I get that nice feeling that I'm actually a ninja, prowling through the ship, where they don't really know where I am, just that half their crew has stopped reporting in and the communications are out.


We have a lot of the typical "run & gun" missions as it is, but there's not much for options to the contrary. Pick something like Loki with a shade, and play it solo, yeah, but eh... that's rather restrictive and doesn't give you much for choices on such.


I don't mind things like the defense missions, or the typical "run through the ship making the Grineer's cloning specialists earn their pay", but we kind of lack for true stealth mechanics.


All we really have right now is invisibility itself, and... and... killing people like normal, which if you kill them fast enough, prevents them from just going to a comm station and calling in the attack.


What I'd like to see more of, however, is the real sneaky stuff. If I'm going to be playing a ninja, I'd like to be able to hide in the shadows (there almost aren't any), hide my presence, and use silenced weapon choices to take down enemies without their allies knowing what's going on.


Playing Payday 2's beta has reaffirmed to me that this style of combat is fully possible to be handled properly, even in a primarily shoot-em-up style game, and it can be really rewarding to just slip through an entire level without being caught.


It's technically possible currently, it just doesn't feel like you're being a ninja in doing it is all, though, as it still relies on just killing everyone faster.


So... there's a few things I'd like to have added; not as neccessities, but they'd really go a long way towards making the game more interesting.




- Unique missions at the end of their planetary systems which aren't required to do other missions, but involve a lot of stealth and having to do several tasks undetected, gaining something like a bonus item (maybe a free bonus mod) for each objective completed without being caught.


- Proper awareness of enemy AI, so that it's realistically plausible to hide behind things and not have them know where you are.


- Enemy AI that takes a moment to realize where a shot was fired from, rather than instantaneously knowing which direction to face.


- Some new rooms in many ships which allow for multiple paths through them; example: a room which has an abnormaly dense spawn of enemy troops in the bottom floor, but air ducts and a parkour challenge to bypass them, rewarded with the ability to insta-kill the entire group by flipping a switch at the end so you still get the loot/exp.


- A bit of a "horror" boss; right now, bosses are pretty simple, if strong, but not scary for the most part. Tenno are the biggest, baddest people out there, and it's hard to feel like anything's really a threat. It'd be nice to have one boss where it's so huge, that the entire level is designed with custom-made rooms where it's stomping along trying to crush you or shoot at you, while your team's forced to run a parkour escape route away from it, activating or destroying key targets along the way while trying to outrun it, only to have it finally be crippled at the end and able to be fought. This would really give more of that feeling of "agile, deadly, stealthy, but squishy as hell".


- An enormous boss that takes up a huge room, where players have to leap between various platforms and such to attack certain turrets or body parts. This could be a really interesting Corpus fight, where there's some giant humanoid mech-styled design that's stuck in drydock still, not quite ready for independant movement yet, but it can be attacked early before it's legs are finished, letting them work on disabling key sections. In the meantime, typical MMORPG raid boss mechanics such as not standing in the fire, or spotlights being moved around that will lock on to a player and attack them for high damage, meaning players would have to keep situational awareness up. Again, focus on being agile, stealthy and deadly, but squishy.


- In general, just the option to be stealthy, but a bonus for being stealthy to offset the fact that you don't get exp/mod drops for being stealthy. =P





I love the game... but most of the time I don't really feel like I'm being a deadly space ninja, so much as like I'm somehow playing god of war when he's tripping out and thinks he's a ninja =P


To a degree, that's not a bad thing for the most part, but it'd be nice to break it up a bit and offer more mission choices. The bosses as they are largely end up just being "run to boss, slaughter minions along the way, shoot boss in face until dead, repeat". Useful, but after running someone like Hek 30+ times, he's just another generic target to kill, and after seeing things like Jackal, you know full well you can design enemies with multiple stages or hit locations which can be far larger and require flipping switches, hiding from sight and so on to fight. Something to break up the monotony of murderfest surpreme.


It's a good game, but it could do the "space ninja" part a little better. =P

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well for the huge boss part you talked about the devs said for golem they were going for a shadow of the colossus feel by that i mean massive they said golem is like 5-9 stories tall they are working on new stealth stuff and you know you can stealth kill right press e when it tell you to and you get a like ko stealth attack so they are working on getting to those points you mentioned

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You know what would really help stealth? Make stealth attacks actually useful AKA instant kill. Seriously, damn my muscle memory maybe, but the first time I tried to do a stealth run, I ganked a Corpus Crewman who was being a nuisance, or that was the plan. Turns out, stealth attacks don't even take their health to below half. Seriously, what the heck? What the ever living heck? What the hell is the point of setting up a stealth kill, which takes time and patience, when it doesn't even kill them, throwing off your stealthing mojo and alerting everyone and their sister that you're there.

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