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How are Way-Bound passives *supposed* to work?

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EDIT: Okay, I actually decided to test it, and it seems I misunderstood the increase in operator HP from 100 (before PoE) to 250 (after) as the 150% increase from Vazarin, but that seems to be the new base HP for operators now (at least after completing Saya's Vigil and receiving your first amp).

I just unbound one of my way-bound passives today (Madurai, Inner Gaze), and I'm confused about how it's supposed to work. Before, I thought that way-bound passives were meant to apply to your operator regardless of which school was active as your primary. I thought this because the health bonus (easiest one to see the effect of), unlocked (but still way-bound) by the points I had in the Vazarin school, was active even though my primary school was set to Madurai. I thought that "unbinding" them simply meant unlocking the final upgrade to the ability.

But now I see that unbinding a way-bound passive makes it "unbound" and appear in each other school, which I can activate in that school as well (if I have the available pool). I suspect that the intention was for this to be the method of obtaining all of the passive operator buffs from the other schools in your primary school, but as is, we seem to already have the effects of (at least some of) the way-bound passives that we have unlocked regardless of our current primary/active school.

So, how exactly is this stuff supposed to work? Could we get some official explanation?

In the future, maybe you could add some dialog to the Quill guy explaining this stuff in-game, or even a tutorial.

EDIT: So, now that I know how it works, it seems really grindy to unbind and use all the passives as is. On top of the 1 million focus for each ability (10 million total), there's the extra focus you need to spend (in whichever school(s) you intend to actively use) to increase your pool so that you can activate them (tons and tons of focus...more than I care to imagine). Even with the 16 million or so focus across 4 different schools that I have acquired in the nearly two years since The Second Dream, I still can't see the end of this grind, and that's not even including unlocking the other, non-"way-bound" abilities in one or more schools.

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