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I Would Prefer 20% Off Plat Becomes 20% More Plat. Anyone Else?


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Let me preface this with I'm not particularly loaded, but my monthly expenses are fairly low so I have some spendin' money if I see something I want.


So I got the 20% off coupon as a login reward, and I fully intend to drop 10 bucks or so on plat.  However, paying two dollars less just doesn't feel that exciting to me (even just making minimum wage, that's like 15 minutes of work).  What I would love is 20% MORE platinum - especially since there's no purchase between 200 and 500 plat.


Really, what it boils down to is reaching for my wallet feels the same for spending 8 bucks or 10 bucks, whereas getting 204 plat instead of 170 would feel AWESOME.


Just my 2.

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This is the primary reason for this, I believe. The actual lowered price definitely motivates people.


I would agree with that. After all...when you go to the store, people keep an eye out for things that are on sale. Something that's displaying a sale price over the regular price. I'd say that people are more inclined to buy something because for a limited time..it's on sale. (Steam sales anyone? XD)


Certainly there is indeed the appeal of paying the same price of something and getting more for it. We also see plenty of that such as buying things and packaging will say something like "20% more for the same great price!"


In terms of making the sale, I think they'll drive both more interest and more sales/revenue with the more commonly seen model of a reduction in the price.

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Would prefer if we just got a small ammount of free plat.


Like +5 free plat or something.


Login rewards are supposed to be free. Im never going to use a coupon.


Master rank and begging for plat.. right..

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