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Minimap Waypoint Way Out In Void (Asteroid Exterminate)


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I've only seen this happen on Asteroid Exterminates, it seems to only happen when the boss's room is too close to that HUGE multi-floor "pillar room" with the elevator in the center.


When you kill the boss, the minimap waypoint will point to a door several rooms away and it will look like it is "in the void".


It took me 15+ minutes of running around that mazy "huge pillar room" trying to figure out where the heck this elusive room was supposedly at.


The Waypoint didn't start working again until I got close to the door it was trying to point me to (several rooms later) and then it resumed proper function.


This only seems to happen when you mix boss rooms with the huge pillar rooms, though it could also be something related to Captain Vor (this is the 2nd time I've seen this happen and both were Tolstoj).

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