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Disembodied Warframe Head


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So after playing a while, it appears clear that the way the game handles players loading in is to give them an Excalibur frame before swapping over to what frame it really is followed by whatever helm they may be using (stock or alternate).


In the past, I have seen this where if the host is lagging, a frame would potentially load in without a head and take a bit longer before their head properly renders.


This, however, was a first for me and I figured...bug's a bug and needs to be resolved for the eventual final polished product so here I am reporting it just in case it hasn't been. (Tried searching and didn't find anything immediately)




So yeah....a Nova joined and curiously their head was left floating where they joined the session. I don't know if the Nova themself was running around without their head for a while before I got far enough for it to despawn on my local end?


But -by the time I caught up, the Nova had her head.

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