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The Bugs!


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I ran into a few bugs these past few days one of which being the wall bug. I was on a Grineer mission where I entered an atrium type place where a Tenno must wall run  around the place to reach the next floor. Well on the walls if you run vertically it is very possible the wall will suck you like a black hole not letting you out having you look out on the rest of the mission like a small speck of light.


Also a Grineer mission where there is  bridges and stalactites keeping you from falling into the abyss of rocks. As the group was continuing on the mission wall ran in my Rhino which didn't have the stamina to make it to the platform near ran under the platform forcing the Rhino into a forever falling abyss where not wall running back up to the ledge would but me out of reach and sadly sliding down the wall to my fate.



If a person is to stand on the top of an archway and be on the inside of the elevator the elevator will pass you and if you jump down back to the bottom of the elevator it will send you out of the map sending once again falling into a eternal abyss asking the question, "why me?"


A small one is sometimes when trying to wall run up to aledge and flip onto a lege the game will have you flip, but then fall back down not meeting the ledge.

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