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Instant Endless Defense Mission Fail


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I've seen this happen on a few times like 3-4 within the past week out of probably 50 defense missions run, where (they've been corpus and infested missions) the mission will just randomly fail, even though the pod is still at 100% health full shields are full, snowglobe around it and no real enemies attacking it directly. Has anyone else had this happen to them recently.I honestly have no idea what caused it any of the times as it was unexpected and before you really have a chance to look for anything, your camera is locked and the mission reward screen pops up. The only real thing that I could think of (and this is a shot in the dark) is that maybe somehow a persons ability somehow damages the crypod through some random act of bugs? But like I said...that's a wild guess and I have no proof to back that theory up other than the enemies weren't even close to the pod one of the times due to bastille on an infested mission. So I know that pretty much all damage potential from the enemies could not have reached pod. Thoughts? Anyone else seen this?

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