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Should Global Rankings Be Removed? (Rankings Revamped)


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Personally, I don't see the point of pve rankings, especially one based on non-discriminatory kills. If you think about it, it doesn't even rank what it's supposed to. a level 1 mob will award the same kill as a level 50 mob, making it meaningless.


Most games don't have pve rankings, only pvp. And games that do usually utilize a "score" system, how many bosses downed, how much game progress is made, level of gear, etc. I.e. a set of parameters, not just one criterion.


What I'll like to see is the removal of kill-based rankings. Or rankings entirely. The compromise is a revamped system,




- one based on equalized boss kills (e.g. a solo run gets 10 points, a full squad kill gives 3 points per player)

Boss fights should be more meaningful, rather than being a large bullet sponge that you kill over and over and over again


- mastery level (higher mastery, more points and maybe bonus)

Requires rework/rethink of mastery system, tie-in with current planets/system unlocking mechanic.


- success rate (a 95% success rate gets a 0.95 multiple on final score, a 50% rate gets a 0.5 multiple)

This encourages players to actually win games rather than compete for kills, loot and disconnect


- Weapons/Warframes unlocked (More points for more weapons/warframe in possession)

This indicates the options that a player can provide to a team. If the player only has 1 frame and 1 weapon, he can't really choose a good loadout for any particular mission can he.


This reflects what is a ranking player should have, experience in higher game difficulty, a good win rate, with a good variety of gear to use.


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Rankings should really be based on skill, not how many times you've run a boss or shot someone. Headshot rates (altered based on weapon), accuracy (altered based on weapon) and other things that can't be improved by just grinding enemies over and over, restrict ranked stats to higher level systems like pluto and the void too. And force the player to be a certain mastery rank (like 4 or something) to begin displaying rank. This will stop people from making fresh accounts just for a higher rank.

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