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Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.6 +

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Thanks a lot for the fixes and changes.

But please make Lunaro playable again. You get frozen in an animation with almost no speed too when you try to move and do any other action at the same time.
And the instant unstable should get fixed too. It is a serious problem for Lunaro players.

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Instant unstable problem
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12 minutes ago, --Q--Voltage said:

How to select Bounty rewards:

Well, ya have to remember that Warframe also needs new players, no game can live on Veterans alone.

Not that I don't agree with what you're saying with this ;>

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Still no fix for the following bug:

Ammo mutation mods do not appear to be working if you walk from Cetus out onto the plains - this also affects Carrier's Ammo Case precept which does not appear to be working at all, even increasing weapon ammo count.

If you go directly to the plains from your orbiter everything works normally, but if you walk in to Cetus and back out, it's broken again.

Ammo mutation and Carrier's Ammo Case work just fine in the rest of the game.

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Nice improvements, but all I see is

"With the exception of a game-breaking Excavation bug, we haven't touched any of the other bugs PoE introduced to the REST of the game, rather focusing all our efforts on PoE itself!"

While I like the initiative and enthusiasm in stamping down the wildfires of bugs on your new region, the new region shouldn't have to come at the expense of the rest of the game functioning.

Where is the fix for Syndicate medallions counting toward daily standing limit even though they're not supposed to, considering syndicates are a core part of the game experience that rely upon this component for their standard progression rates?  Where is the Ivara Artemis Bow fix, considering that is literally a core warframe ability that somehow got bugged by this update?

These are big important things, too, and I personally feel more important than the new region itself since they all worked before PoE and as awesome as PoE is, it shouldn't come at the expense of any of them.

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7 minutes ago, Witch said:

Still no Ivara Artemis Bow fix?


6 hotfixes in and nothing from DE on this.

Clearly none of the DevStream Staff plays Ivara or I expect this would have been fixed well before now. =p

This is coming out of your next Prime Access Allowance DE! 

Image result for joker burning money gif

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Hey guys, keep up the good work! Any progress in making sentient cores that drop from Vomulysts actually appear in inventory? It seems that some of the cores that you pick up, you don't actually pick up, just the SFX for picking it up plays, but sometimes no text of the item appears at the bottom of the screen like other items do. 

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On 2017-10-17 at 11:09 PM, Farris said:

Some good fixes, and nice changes (especially the Gara change) Thanks!

Now then.
Is this actually Intended Behaviour for Archwing in the Plains: 

(Hit by "Projectile Incoming" or Flameblades teleporting to you mid flight, will detach you from the Archwing)


  Reveal hidden contents







Or is it a bug?
Since if this is intended then that's quite cheap, since that depletes an Archwing charge (that you've crafted)

If it's a bug, hopefully it's fixed later.


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