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Movement Bug In Void


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The other day, I was playing as Nova on a Tier 2 Raid in the Void with a team of Volt and Excalibur Prime, as host. Upon grabbing the artifact, I became completely unable to move or jump. The running animation would play, but I remained locked in place. Thinking I was perhaps stuck on the artifact holder, I killed myself with my Torid and had a teammate revive me. Still stuck. Killed myself again, crawled a short distance away, and was revived again. Still stuck. At this point, shooting Torid grenades at the floor ceased to damage me, so I had to ask my teammates to stand near me so I could stick grenades to THEM with which to kill myself.


After a full death and use of a daily revive, things were back to normal. Null Star and Speed were not active at the time of lockup.

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