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Mod Collection Duplicates.


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Good day Tenno,


How can one isolate all the duplicate mods they have so when selling mods they can be sure they only sell duplicates?


I Have 228 after 47 hours play.


I plan to play many more hours. I don't feel the need to have 1000 duplicates :)


Thanks in advance.

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There is no duplicate only sorting option.


Also, never sell mods. Credits are much easier to come by than mods for fusing.


I'm continually short on mods to fuse, but I've got 2.2 million creds and rising.

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Using other mods to upgrade one mod is just upgrading it like with fusion cores before.


Using the same mod is the most efficient way, using a mod with the same polarity is also good and using mods with a different polarity gives you only little fusion power.

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