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Idea For Defence Map.


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So, i don't have any of screens, so i'll describe that.


This is the huge place on a corpus planet base, where when you enter in it, corpus ship arrives from outside through a hole entering bay. There are actually two ships getting in while you wander around. Well, it's enormously big room which could be, i think well suited for a defence mission tileset. 



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What I can imagine now:


-Huge room in a space, with a big open 'door' (like on a spacecraft and we will fight in a 'landing' room!? -> Corpus will come from ships)

-Artifact in the middle of room


Great Idea!


Well, personally... The room's shape should be a half-circle. We have 3 doors for the enemies to use.

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Using your limited information about the stage and my limited paint skills :



Idea is : Corpus ships hover above the drop areas having Corpus jump out of them, then when the wave is cleared they'll fly off and new ones replace them, it keeps going like that*


One special Tenno ship will drop supplies ( ammo boxes / energy / hp balls ) every 15 rounds or so at one of the special drop zones.


Did I manage to get the idea about right?

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this is the place i was thinking about. So... yep, something in the middle of the map cryopod and ships delivering troops.

I think... I i think that this idea could be pushed further - let make boss defence when you defend like 5-10 wave of standard troops dropped by those shuttles, and at the last stage the boss \\some sort of space ship, or so\\ fly into the landing deck and you start fighting it (not sure if cryopod should be destroyable or not, but i'd say not).

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