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Saryn's Miasma Bug - Duration


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What Shhh? Sure the 2nd helmet might actually make miasma do more damage for some odd reason but continuity + constitution are bugged and if they functioned like they should you'd do even more damage.


So it needs fixing, they need to know it's bugged.


When I tested it myself the duration of Miasma is random when you have constitution + continuity, sometimes you get 4 ticks, some times 5 but you can also get 6.

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Topic is misleading. This appears to be an issue with continuity and constitution not stacking/cancelling each other out. 

it seems duration mods makes problems with dots in general,


it's not only the continuitiy and constituition but also the helmet,

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nothing new :p


most if not all of the helmets that touch powers are broken, and that only concatenates when you change those stats more with mods.



but hey, IMO the Chlora helmet is ugly as hell, so that's balance, right? haha.



edit: i was also not sure how far i could trust that reddit post when i first saw it since he didn't realize Miasma only gets another tick on on a higher power duration. constitution is 28%, so it can't add another damage tick when stacked. 58% isn't enough to get 3 extra ticks.

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