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New Mission Type: Force Recon


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It's basically my attempt to define a mission that would appeal to explorers and keep rushers away. Many people have a problem when someone rushes straight to mission objective and then straight to extraction, leaving them behind. If the person left behind is new or not as skilled or has unranked weapons, it can lead to swift and lonely death.


Force recon missions would not have markers on minimap (except extraction in the end). You are here to explore.


Objectives (maybe different for each faction):

1. Counter-recon: destroy X Grineer spy drones.

2. Gather X intelligence from navigation computers (not datamass terminals), lockers, pads on tables, etc.

3. Plant X listening/spy devices in suitable locations (not dumping them all at spawn).


The objectives should probably be a bit lower than total available nodes, at least at lower levels. Like total number of nodes is 30, you need to find 27. The reason is that It can become infuriating when you can't find the last node that is either hidden behind wall-running madness or between 2 crates in the most obvious place that you didn't check.

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I like the idea but lower it to 5-15 range. 27/30 means you have to do TOO much exploring. There should be a healthy medium between movement and exploration for this type of mission. Remember you are essentially trying to come up with a mission about opening boxes. If you combine it into finding 10/30 Navi-Computers and kill 10/15 Spy Drones then you have room for error and so that you don't have to explore 100% of the entire map to complete your objective.


27/30 means that I have to explore the vast majority of the map. While I am not a rusher/explorer purely as I swap my styles I do not agree with the idea of "polarized exploration" which is what you have suggested. Your idea is solid you implementation is not.

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