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Plains of Eidolon: Hotfix 22.0.7

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18 minutes ago, Deathbricked said:

Cheers for the hot fix, would also like to add onto Toafarmer's list.


10- Add a option to disable experimental flight mode on the plains. (I get it's your new thing that you want people to like again, but for the love of god i have nearly vomited on my keyboard TWICE after trying to turn with A/D. Please please please... Just let us turn off this hell).

This! Will certainy add to the list. 

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11 minutes ago, Zanoza-chan said:

I just killed some teralysts with the guy with shotgun-like amp in my team, and you know what? We managed it good. We don't need Shield Disruption to kill the Teralyst. We need better Amps, and those Amps are already in game. Surely farming for them will be a bit painful for the first time, but afaik that situation applies to any aspect of this game. Firstly you farm for nice gear, then you easilly farm with nice gear. Good luck.

Well those are separate things. It is sad to see that whenever something old and forgotten becomes useful, they nerf it.

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43 minutes ago, toafarmer said:

But hey! Hair will now be covered by paper mache masks!

Also we need:
1- Extraction timer when 2 or more players are on extraction to avoid fishers/miners/trolls and/or...
2- Vote to kick option
3- Make Shield Disruption work again (unless we are supposed to only use corrosive projection and energy siphon and get bored to death grinding eidolon)
4- Marks on map for sentient cores/eidolon pieces (can't be that hard)
5- Decent reward tables ("begginers don't have those" is not an excuse, they can get the mods from normal drops all the time)
6- Greater Lenses back on sorties (really? now that they have some use you remove them in exchange for a handful of kuva?)
7- Focus 3.0 (sorry, 2.0 sucks)
8- Reduction of defense timers (3 min is nonsense) and all waiting times in general (finish a part of the bouty, immediately starts next. Why making us waste time with all the waiting if we can waste it enjoying the bugs?)
9- Maybe a "house" (base) on Cetus (ship is too small to all the cool fish/noggles/sculptures/caged animals/etc.)

my opinions are:
1. good idea
2. not bad but trolls are everywhere

3. i'm agree, but without it makes that teralyst grinding more a challenge, quick deaths just get bored at certain point

4. good idea

5. that's a good point, could get quite more "rare mods"

6. i think is better keep the greater lens on sorties

7. get it over

8. not everybody has a super 1 hit weapons, low MR's deserve PoE too dude

9. this is not Grand Theft Auto, i mean are you specting then to see a frame or NPC looking similar to tommy vercetti, trvor phillips or carl jhonson, or waiting for gang attacks?

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Still waiting for the option to turn of other tenno for a bit faster loading and less laging when entering Cetus all the time... might sound selfish but honestly i don´t really look for the other players in the Hub worlds cus i wanna do my missions/crafting/whatever and have no time for looking fashionframe + with the new fast travel option you will just hop around Cetus now anyways lol.

Another thing i hope to see added:

- Added an new Starchart tab for Plains where you can select free roam or Bounty T1-T5 (cus from free roam you still can enter Cetus after your mining/fishing trip to accept the bounties if you want or the next batch is rdy.)

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47 minutes ago, [DE]Connor said:

Another update, another set of economy tweaks! Please stay tuned as we continue iterating on Cetus and its various interlocking systems.

Still needs more....focus costs especially imo.


And still doesn't appear to be any fixes for bugs within bounties, such as two waypoints showing up or the doors on the armoured vault not opening....

There's no mention of fixing entering a bounty not loading or you end up entering open plains (needs to abort or cancel mission) or entering a public group with someone already in a group (it just doesn't work)....

There's also massive lag when loading into the plains in general with other people

When are you going to do something about toasters being host in plains, they can't cope and it ruins the game for others. 

When are these going to get fixed, they're kind of important to playing the game...


Also when is sky archwing going to get 'fixed' so we don't get oneshot by level 5 grineer but can stand up to multiple hits from a level 20+ teralyst...

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Alright, I've got a series of suggestions here, regarding bounty rewards.

First of all, I don't think they should have non-Plains drops.  At all.  I'm not going to Cetus for relics and universally available mods.  I'm there for Cetus items.  Remove the Kuva, the Endo, the Void Traces, the "rare" resources (Gallium, Control Modules, etc.), all of it.

Second, make two tiers of bounties -- three bounties that offer 1-3k Ostron standing and the Cetus mods and Gara parts ONLY - then two bounties that show up only after you've unlocked the Operator/Quills that give 3-4k Ostron standing as well as a small sum of Intact Sentient Cores and have Lenses, Wisps, and rare fish + gems as their drops.  This is to avoid having spoilers items in new player bounties, and to make later bounties a decent way of getting Quills standing when it's not-night.

Third, make Lenses and Eidolon Lenses purchasable with Ostron standing, alongside their being rewards in the table.  This is to give us a use for excess standing so Cetus is still worth revisiting even after all the unique drops are all mined out of it.

Even newbies are going to consider things like credits, resources and common mods a waste of their time as rewards, let alone vets.  These things have to be trimmed out or fishing or mining are just going to be more fun and more rewarding at all points.  We need a higher chance of getting the rewards we're all actually on Cetus for, and ways of trading excess standing for the rewards useful outside of Cetus (lenses) or bounties are just going to feel like a big waste of emotional energy.

Please do the right thing and make bounties worth doing.

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9 minutes ago, Jaymons said:

Still no fix for the bounty rotation? the rotation B with furax wraith right gauntlet its not there since POE launch...

wouldn't that be part of another rotation, like rotation C? Since The Blueprint and left guantlet are in two different rotations.

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1 minute ago, Shinpi_Otaku said:

wouldn't that be part of another rotation, like rotation C? Since The Blueprint and left guantlet are in two different rotations.

According to the official drop list, the right gauntlet its on the rotation B, the left gauntlett rotation A and the BP rotation C :/

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1 hour ago, [DE]Connor said:

Added a fast travel option in your pause menu for all Cetus vendors.


Still waiting on fixes related to crashes, bounty failures, and issues with checking out before I'll spend any more time out there though.

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I can't find the Recon Commander in the codex enemies list even though I scanned a couple of them before the update. Another enemy that is missing from the lists is the Dargyn Pilot.

The following are older bugs that remain in the current build:

1. I have noticed an animation problem with the Burston Prime when it is equipped with the Burston Solstice skin, ever since the skin (which I really love and was excited for, as I love the Burston Prime) was released. I have made the following series of screenshots to illustrate it. Simply put, the weapon uses the Burston Prime animation for reloading (through-the-stock), but the regular Burston is reloaded differently (under-the-barrel). The two different animations and weapon geometries clash, creating a messy visual bug. Pictures & detailed breakdown follow.

- Before the first reload, there is a regular Burston clip under the barrel. Notice also the hand clipping through the weapon geometry, because Burston and Burston Prime are held in different ways (and basically the warframe is using the B.Prime holding position even though the model is of regular B.) due to their different model geometries.


- Reloading makes the underbarrel (regular Burston) clip vanish, and the frame inserts a new one into the stock of the weapon (as is done with B. Prime). I would say this makes no visual sense, and it also causes a visual bug after the reload.


- Also note that the B.Prime clip that goes into the stock has attached to it a regular Burston clip.


- Once the first reloading animation finishes, and for the rest of the mission as far as I can tell, the gun looks like this. The underbarrel clip is missing and instead, it's attached to the stock of the gun. Also, the hand continues to clip through the geometry of the weapon.


2. Scorch helmet textures are broken and misaligned for a few months now, and they (and other Scorch units) hold the Ignis like a pistol instead of like a rifle. Fire stream effects from their weapon are also different but IDK if that was intentional or not


3. Loki Prime's geometry clips through some Syandannas like in the image below ever since the Prime Parts toggle was implemented. In this case, the Syandanna attachment point is from Loki while the geometry is from Loki Prime (because I am using the Immortal Skin) so the geometry clips through the cape:


The Prime Loki has a "hump" on his back that regular Loki does not. When using the Prime Skin, this is where Syandannas attach, but if we use Immortal Skin on a Loki Prime the prime parts (including the hump) are preserved, but the attachment point for the Syandanna moves up (to where it is on regular Loki), making the hump clip through.

4. Drudge Workers (and Condor ships, I think) are missing from Syndicate missions. Pls give us more drudges. We love them.

5. Invisibility effects from all sources (Warframe powers, companions, etc) sometimes "stick" to weapons sometimes and makes them look like this




6. When using the Silva & Aegis Prime with the Day of the Dead Silva & Aegis skin, the attachment point for Sugatras is far from the actual handle of the weapon. This is probably because the S&A Prime mace is longer than the regular S&A Sword.


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