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Solar - Warframe Concept


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So here is a concept of just the head of a Warframe I imagined. I modeled this is Creo 2.0 Parametric and rendered in KeyShot. I'll work more to add better and finer details to the head but you get the idea.




(FINALLY got it to show. Thanks.)




This is influenced by hearing people call for a Warframe oriented around light. So yeah, use your imagination with abilities.







There, abilities done. Also, feel free to move this wherever but I've seen dozens of concepts in General Discussion so thought I'd post here initially.

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I realy like the Solar Panels on the top of the helmet. 


Thanks, I look to spiff it up eventually.  Who knows if I'll ever do the body.  I'm not all that great at organic modeling.  I've gotten better with faces but bodies aren't there yet.

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