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Contagion And Charge Attacks



It's a simple question that I want to be sure about, since I haven't tested the damage numbers yet.


Does Contagion's poison melee damage count exactly like elementals, which means counting only the base damage of charge attacks, disregarding mods like Killing Blow?

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Are you sure it's calculated with Killing Blow? Here's what the wiki says on the Killing Blow page:


"Will not modify the extra damage dealt by elemental or armor-piercing damage mods (they all use the weapon's base charge damage)."


Additionally, if elementals are calculated on the total damage of the charge attack, my armor piercing would do more than ~800 damage against heavy armored Grineer (my base charge attack deals ~1100 against them) since I have both Rending Strike and Sundering Strike on. It isn't the case.

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